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by no means absolutely not; not at all.
leave no stone unturned to use every means possible; consider every possibility.
make no bones about to speak of in a direct and open manner; be frank about.
no doubt certainly. [2 definitions]
no love lost great dislike or animosity.
no man's land a disputed territory, as between opposing armies. [3 definitions]
no one no person; nobody.
no soap (informal) not possible or acceptable.
no thanks to without the help of (a source from which help might have been expected).
no-account of little worth; no good.
no-fault of or pertaining to a system of automobile insurance in which a company pays all or part of its policyholder's losses regardless of who was at fault for a particular accident. [2 definitions]
no-good (informal) worthless; contemptible.
no-hitter a baseball game in which a pitcher does not let the opposing team score any hits.
no-par not having a face value, as some corporate stocks.
no-see-um (informal) a tiny, biting insect; midge.
no-show (informal) one who does not arrive or appear when expected. [2 definitions]
no-till farming a method of farming that prepares the soil for planting without plowing or otherwise breaking into and turning over the soil forcefully with machinery. In no-till farming, residue of the previous crop remains on top of the soil, and the soil is cut into only slightly for seeding.
no-trump of a hand or contract in bridge, to be played without specifying a trump suit. [2 definitions]
no-win having no possibility of success or winning.
point of no return the point in an aircraft's flight when it lacks sufficient fuel to return to its starting point, and must thus proceed forward. [2 definitions]