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apple-pie order (informal) an impeccably neat and orderly arrangement or state.
back order part of an order that will be filled at a later date.
back-order to submit an order for (something) to be filled at a later time, as when (it) is available.
in order in accord with parliamentary rules. [2 definitions]
in order to as a means to; so that; for the purpose of.
made-to-order made specially for a particular person; custom-made. [2 definitions]
mail order an order for goods that are available through the mail.
mail-order house a company or firm that does its business through the mail.
major order the rank of deacon, priest, or bishop, as in the Roman Catholic or Episcopal churches.
market order an order to purchase or sell, esp. stocks or other financial instruments, at the current market price.
minor order one of the four clerical ranks in the Roman Catholic Church. (Cf. major order.)
money order an order for the payment of a specific sum of money that is issued for a fee atone bank, post office, or telegraph office, and is payable to another.
Order of the Garter the highest order of British knighthood.
out of order not working; broken.
pecking order a social order or ranking among a group of animals such as chickens, wherein the strongest actively intimidates the others, the second strongest intimidates all but the strongest, and so forth. [2 definitions]
point of order a question as to whether a matter under discussion is in order according to the rules of parliamentary procedure.
short order food that can be prepared and served quickly, as at a diner.
standing order an order that is in effect until it is changed or nullified. [2 definitions]
word order the way in which words are arranged, or their grammatically correct sequence, in a phrase, clause, or sentence.