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come to pass to take place; happen.
forward pass a football pass made from behind the line of scrimmage to a player who is closer to the other team's goal.
lateral pass in football, a sideways or backward pass.
pass away used as a polite expression for die.
pass muster to be accepted or approved according to some standard.
pass out to faint or lose consciousness. [2 definitions]
pass the buck (informal) to avoid responsibility by blaming someone else.
pass the torch to pass leadership, inspiration, or a guiding principle to one's successors.
pass up to pay no heed to (an opportunity or chance).
pass-fail a system of grading in which letter and numerical grades are not used, and students either pass or fail.
pass-through a windowlike opening in a wall, used to pass food from the kitchen to the dining room.
play-action pass in football, a forward pass made by the quarterback after feigning a handoff.
screen pass in football, a quick, short forward pass to a receiver who is behind or just beyond the line of scrimmage.