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corncob pipe a tobacco pipe with a bowl made of a hollow, dried corncob.
Dutchman's-pipe a hardy climbing vine having curved leaves and bearing brownish or purplish flowers resembling a tobacco pipe.
flue pipe an organ pipe in which sound is produced by a current of air that vibrates as it strikes the lip of an opening in the side of the pipe; flue.
Indian pipe an almost leafless waxy white plant, related to heath, that lives on decayed organic matter, bears a single white flower on each stalk, and looks like a tobacco pipe.
peace pipe a ceremonial pipe for all to smoke during an American Indian peace conference; calumet.
pipe bomb a crude homemade bomb made of a length of metal pipe into which an explosive charge is inserted.
pipe clay a fine, exceptionally plastic white clay that is used to make tobacco pipes, print calico, and whiten leather.
pipe cleaner a short length of wire, twisted to secure small tufts of yarn along its length, that is used to clean tobacco residue from the stems of pipes.
pipe cutter a tool consisting of a curved jaw fitted with one or more sharp-edged disks that cuts metal pipes by being rotated around them.
pipe dream a wishful fantasy or vain hope.
pipe fitter a skilled worker who installs and maintains pipes in plumbing, refrigeration, and heating systems.
pipe organ see organ.
pipe up to begin to speak or play music, esp. in a loud, assertive way.
pitch pipe a small musical pipe or pipes with invariable pitch, used as a tuning standard by singers and other musicians.
reed pipe an organ pipe containing a reed that vibrates when struck by air currents and thus produces sound.
soil pipe a drainpipe that carries off waste matter, esp. from a toilet.
waste pipe a pipe that carries away drainage, waste water, excess steam, or the like.
water pipe a pipe for carrying water; conduit. [2 definitions]