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absolute pitch the exact pitch of a single musical tone as determined by its rate of vibrations as measured on a standard scale. [2 definitions]
perfect pitch the ability to sing or recognize the pitch of any musical tone heard; absolute pitch.
pitch in (informal) to contribute to a joint project; cooperate with others; help. [2 definitions]
pitch into (informal) to attack verbally or physically. [2 definitions]
pitch pine any of various pine trees cultivated as a source of pitch or turpentine.
pitch pipe a small musical pipe or pipes with invariable pitch, used as a tuning standard by singers and other musicians.
pitch-black completely black; deep black.
pitch-dark so dark as to make vision impossible.
slow pitch a kind of softball in which the ball must be pitched in an arc from three to ten feet high.
wild pitch in baseball, an erratic pitch that the catcher cannot be expected to catch and that allows a base runner to advance to the next base. (Cf. passed ball.)