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closed primary election in the United States, a direct primary election in which voters must show evidence of their party affiliation and may vote only for candidates of the same party.
direct primary election a preliminary election in which candidates for public office are nominated by direct vote of the people. (Cf. closed primary election.)
open primary a primary election in which voters need not declare party membership.
political primary in U.S. politics, a preliminary election in which members of each party vote for candidates to represent the party in the general election.
primary accent the strongest stress or emphasis given to one syllable in a spoken word or to one word in an utterance; primary stress. [2 definitions]
primary cell a battery cell in which electric current is generated by an irreversible electrochemical reaction, and which therefore cannot be recharged efficiently.
primary color any one of the three basic colors of the spectrum from which all other colors can be made by blending. In paint, they are red, yellow, and blue.
primary school a school that includes the first three or four grades and sometimes kindergarten. [2 definitions]