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in re in the matter of; regarding.
re-act to act, perform, or do again.
re-Christianize combined form of Christianize.
re-claim to act to reestablish title to or possession of.
re-coil to wind into a coil again.
re-collect to collect or gather once more. [2 definitions]
re-count to count again. [2 definitions]
re-cover to cover again.
re-create to create again; reproduce.
re-creation the act or process of creating afresh. [2 definitions]
re-dress to dress or clothe once more; dress over again.
re-form to gather or form again.
re-lay to lay again or in another way.
re-lease to lease or rent again.
re-present to present again.
re-press to press again.
re-search to search again.
re-serve to serve again.
re-sign to sign again.
re-sort to arrange or sort (things) anew.