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back road a country road, sometimes unpaved, that is away from the main highways.
by-road a secondary road; side road.
get the show on the road (slang) to begin; get started.
middle-of-the-road not extreme; cautiously moderate.
off-road of a type of vehicle used primarily for areas other than streets and highways, such as a dune buggy.
on the road traveling, esp. as a salesperson, performer, or theatrical company.
one for the road one last drink, esp. an alcoholic beverage, that is taken before departing.
post road a road, route, or way on which mail is conveyed. [2 definitions]
road agent a highway robber of stagecoaches, as in the nineteenth-century western United States.
road hog one who drives so as to obstruct other traffic moving in the same direction, as by occupying parts of both lanes simultaneously.
road map a motorist's map that shows the routes, road types, mileage between towns, and the like for a specified region.
road racing automobile racing on a course of or resembling public roads.
road test a test made on the road under normal driving conditions to assess the quality of a vehicle's performance, undertaken esp. by a prospective buyer or by a mechanic servicing a vehicle in need of repair. [2 definitions]
roadkill the remains of an animal killed by being struck by a car or other vehicle. [2 definitions]
Silk Road a name given to the ancient trade routes between China and southern Europe, through southern Asia.
toll road a road that one must pay a toll to use.