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barrel roll a maneuver in which an aircraft completes one spiral revolution around its lengthwise axis, without changing direction of flight.
egg roll a thin flat square of egg dough that is folded like an envelope around finely chopped raw vegetables and shredded pork or shrimp, and then fried in deep fat.
kaiser roll a large baked roll with a hard crust, used for sandwiches.
Parker House roll a roll shaped by folding over a round, flattened piece of dough.
rock-'n'-roll a form of popular music derived from rhythm-and-blues, with a strongly accented beat and usu. played on electronically amplified instruments, esp. guitars; rock. [2 definitions]
roll around to come into existence or happen as part of a repeated cycle.
roll bar a very strong metal bar fitted over and across the width of a car or other vehicle that minimizes injury to occupants in the event the vehicle rolls over.
roll call the reading aloud of a list of names of those expected to be present, such as students in a classroom, soldiers in a unit, or members at a meeting. [2 definitions]
roll round to come into existence or happen as part of a repeated cycle.
roll top a flexible wooden cover of hinged parallel slats that slides up into the top of a desk when it is being used.
roll-on dispensed from a roller or rotating ball mounted at the top of the container.
roll-out a football play in which the quarterback runs rapidly to one side rather than straight back before throwing a pass.
sweet roll a round, sweetened bread made from rolled dough, served as a single portion, and eaten generally as a breakfast food. Sweet rolls may contain cinnamon, raisins, nuts, or other flavorings and may be topped with icing.
to roll out the red carpet to greet in grand or impressive style.