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Adriatic Sea an extension of the Mediterranean between Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.
Aegean Sea an extension of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey.
Arabian Sea an extension of the Indian Ocean between India and the Arabian Peninsula.
Aral Sea formerly, a very large, single lake in Central Asia. Once one of the world's largest lakes, the Aral Sea has vastly diminished in volume of water and has divided into separate parts as a result of the diversion, for agricultural purposes, of the rivers that fed the lake. The southeastern part of the Aral Sea has become entirely dry.
at sea on the ocean waters. [2 definitions]
Baltic Sea a sea between Sweden on the west and Poland and the Baltic States on the east.
Bering Sea a northern extension of the Pacific Ocean between Russia and Alaska, north of the Aleutian Islands.
Black Sea a sea surrounded by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and the Balkan Peninsula.
Bohai Sea a gulf on the northeast coast of China that is part of the Yellow Sea.
Caribbean Sea an extension of the Atlantic bordered by the West Indies and Central and South America.
Caspian Sea a large inland sea surrounded by Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.
China Sea see East China Sea, South China Sea.
Dead Sea a large salt lake between Israel and Jordan, and the lowest recorded land elevation on earth, at about 1300 feet below sea level.
Dead Sea Scrolls scrolls dating from about 100 B.C. to 70 A.D. that were found in caves above the Dead Sea, and that contain scriptural and other writings of a Jewish religious community.
deep-sea associated with or occurring in the deeper parts of the sea; deepwater.
East China Sea an extension of the North Pacific between China, Korea, and Japan.
Mediterranean Sea a sea bordered on the north by Europe and Asia, and on the south by Africa.
North Sea an extension of the Atlantic Ocean between the United Kingdom and the Low Countries and Denmark.
open sea that expanse of an ocean away from any coastlines; high seas.
Red Sea an extension of the Indian Ocean northwest between Arabia and Africa.