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oneself a person's own self (often used reflexively).
second self a person who is so closely involved with another as to take on many of the other's personal qualities, values, and the like.
self-abasement humiliation or degradation of oneself, esp. from feelings of guilt or inferiority.
self-abnegating combined form of abnegating.
self-abnegation a setting aside of one's own interests or welfare for the sake of others'; self-denial; self-sacrifice.
self-absorbed almost exclusively concerned with oneself and one's own affairs.
self-abuse blame or reproach of oneself. [2 definitions]
self-accelerating combined form of accelerating.
self-acceptance combined form of acceptance.
self-accusation combined form of accusation.
self-accusatory combined form of accusatory.
self-accusing combined form of accusing.
self-acknowledged combined form of acknowledged.
self-acting acting by itself; automatic.
self-actualize to achieve one's full potential.
self-addressed of an envelope, post card, or the like, addressed to oneself, esp. for mailing by another.
self-adjusting combined form of adjusting.
self-administer combined form of administer.
self-administration combined form of administration.
self-admitted combined form of admitted.