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close-set being near to one another, or having parts or elements placed near to one another.
crystal set an early form of radio receiver that used a crystal detector.
data set a collection of data records to be analyzed.
dead set against utterly opposed to; strongly against.
deep-set set far in; deeply set. [2 definitions]
drum set a collection of percussion instruments arranged for convenient playing by a drummer; drum kit.
jet set a group of fashionable, wealthy people who reputedly travel by jet from one resort to another.
love set a set in tennis in which the losing team or player wins no games.
nail set a short metal rod used to drive a nailhead level with or below a wood surface.
place setting the dishes, glasses, and silverware set out on a table for each person's use at a meal.
receiving set a device that receives television or radio signals; receiver.
set about to start (a task or undertaking).
set at naught to disregard or treat as worthless or insignificant.
set eyes on to get a view of; see.
set fire to to cause to start burning; ignite.
set in to begin to be established or take effect.
set one's cap for to try to attract as a husband.
set piece a literary, musical, or other artistic work, or part of such a work, that aims to achieve certain effects, esp. technically impressive ones. [2 definitions]
set sail to start out on or as if on a sea voyage.
set shot a shot made by a basketball player while standing in place.