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for short as a shorter form.
short circuit a usu. inadvertent low-resistance alternate path for an electrical current, often resulting in damage.
short division mathematical division of one number by another, esp. by a one-digit divisor, without writing out the remainders.
short fuse (informal) a quick or explosive temper.
short interest the total number of shares or units of a security, commodity, or the like, that have been sold short and have not been repurchased.
short of lacking adequate amounts of. [2 definitions]
short order food that can be prepared and served quickly, as at a diner.
short position the position of one who still owes for a short sale of stocks, commodities, or the like. [2 definitions]
short ribs a cut of beef from the forequarter near the rib roast.
short sale a sale of something such as securities that the seller does not yet own, but that he or she expects to buy in the future at a lower price.
short shrift a brief or perfunctory attention given to a person or topic. [2 definitions]
short story a brief piece of fiction, usu. having a single theme, limited scope, and few characters.
short subject a brief film, usu. shown as an introduction to a full-length feature, or between two full-length films.
short ton a unit of weight equal to two thousand pounds or 0.907 metric ton.
short-circuit to disrupt an electrical circuit, usu. accidentally, by providing a low-resistance alternate path for current, often resulting in sparks or electrical damage. [3 definitions]
short-handed lacking a full crew of workers or helpers.
short-list a list of those candidates, as for an academic position, who have not been eliminated by preliminary screening. [2 definitions]
short-lived having a short life or duration.
short-range extending or reaching only a short distance in time or space.
short-run lasting or enduring for only a brief time; short-term.