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born with a silver spoon in one's mouth born to wealthy parents.
flat silver eating utensils; silverware.
German silver any of several alloys of copper, zinc, and nickel used for utensils, drawing instruments, and the like; nickel silver.
nickel silver a silver-colored, hard, durable, corrosion-resistant alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel, used for utensils, tableware, and the like.
on a silver platter without having to expend effort; undeservedly.
silver bromide a yellowish compound that turns black on exposure to light and is the main component of photographic emulsions.
silver certificate formerly, a paper bill issued by the U.S. government, backed by a silver deposit.
silver chloride a white crystalline compound that darkens on exposure to light, used in photography and the like.
silver fox a red fox in a phase that has fur colored black with white or gray ends. [2 definitions]
silver iodide a yellowish powder that darkens in light, used in medicine, photography, and artificial rainmaking.
silver lining an aspect of positive encouragement in an otherwise gloomy or unfortunate circumstance.
silver medal a medal made of silver, or a metal resembling silver, awarded to the second-place finisher, as in a race or competition.
silver nitrate a poisonous colorless powder used in photography, medical products, mirrors, and silver-plating.
silver plate tableware that is made of, or coated with, silver. [2 definitions]
silver salmon see coho.
silver standard a monetary system in which a designated amount of silver comprises the redemption value of the basic currency unit.
silver-plate to coat or plate (a metal) with silver, esp. by electrolysis.
silver-tongued persuasive or eloquent, esp. in speaking.