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food stamp a U.S. Government coupon, issued to needy people free or at less than face value, that can be used to buy food.
postage stamp a small, usu. gummed label bearing a money denomination, and often a picture, that is issued and affixed to mail, indicating that payment of postage has been made.
revenue stamp a stamp that indicates a tax has been paid, as on a bottle of liquor.
rubber stamp a hand-held device with a flat rubber surface into which lettering or a design has been pressed, used by inking the rubber surface and pressing it on a piece of paper or the like to transfer the lettering or design. [2 definitions]
rubber-stamp to print with a rubber stamp. [3 definitions]
tax stamp a seal, mark, or the like indicating that a tax has been paid.
trading stamp a stamp given as a premium to a retail customer that can be accumulated with other such stamps and traded in specified quantities for specified merchandise.