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big stick political or military power, displayed or implied to intimidate or gain cooperation from potential adversaries, esp. as a foreign policy.
composing stick a hand-held, adjustable metal tray in which a compositor sets type.
gear stick (chiefly British) a lever used to change the arrangement of gears, esp. in an automobile transmission; gearshift.
green-stick fracture a type of fracture to which children are esp. vulnerable, in which a long bone breaks only partway through.
joss stick a stick of incense that the Chinese burn in honor of a joss.
meter stick a measuring stick one meter long.
orange stick a slender stick with one rounded and one pointed end that is used in manicuring, originally made of orangewood.
pogo stick a single stilt set on a strong spring, with footrests on either side on which a person stands to bounce along.
shooting stick a portable device consisting of a seat mounted on one end of a canelike stick with a spike at the other end, used esp. by spectators at golf tournaments and the like.
stick by to remain loyal to.
stick figure a conventional, rudimentary representation of a human figure drawn using a single straight line for the torso, straight lines for the limbs, and a circle for the head.
stick in one's craw to be unacceptable or intolerable.
stick one's neck out to take risks; expose oneself to criticism or harm.
stick out to be prominent or conspicuous.
stick shift a manually operated automobile gearshift; manual transmission.
stick to to persist in or persevere at. [3 definitions]
stick to one's guns to stand firm in the face of opposition or attack.
stick up (informal) to rob, esp. by threatening with a gun.
stick-in-the-mud (informal) one who rejects or resists changes in activity or thinking.
stick-to-itiveness (informal) unremitting perseverance or persistence.