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airstrike an attack by air forces or other military aviation against a ground or naval target.
first strike a surprise offensive attack using nuclear weapons, intended to eliminate an enemy's ability to strike back.
general strike a strike by the entire labor force of an industry, country, or the like.
hunger strike a refusal to eat, as by a prisoner or protester, until certain conditions or demands are met.
strike up to begin or cause to begin (the playing of a piece of music, or an acquaintanceship or conversation, or the like).
strike while the iron is hot to take advantage of an opportunity without delay.
strike zone in baseball, the area above home plate, specifically between the batter's shoulders and knees, through which the pitch must pass to be ruled a strike.
strikethrough a computer font style in which typed characters appear with a line through them as though crossed out, used to indicate suggested deletions in editing a text.
sympathy strike a strike by a group of workers to show support for or agreement with another body of workers who are striking.