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comic strip a series of cartoons, esp. in a newspaper, that narrates a funny or adventurous story.
flight strip an emergency or makeshift runway; airstrip.
Gaza Strip a disputed area on the east coast of the Mediterranean that was occupied by Israel in 1967.
landing strip a runway, esp. one constructed in a remote area and lacking airport facilities.
Möbius strip a one-sided surface formed by twisting a rectangular strip one hundred and eighty degrees and connecting its two ends together.
strip mining an open-cut method of mining, esp. for coal, in which the rock and earth covering a mineral deposit, usu. near the surface, are removed by bulldozing.
strip steak a cut of boneless porterhouse.
strip-search to require (a person such as a prisoner or suspect) to remove all clothing and be searched. [2 definitions]
weather-strip to fit or furnish with weather stripping.