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back talk insolent replies or retorts; impudence.
back-talk (informal) to answer in an insolent manner.
cross talk interference, as on a telephone, radio, or other electronic receiver, by other sound or radio signals from another channel. [2 definitions]
double-talk ambiguous language meant to deceive people or evade problems or issues. [3 definitions]
fast-talk to influence or persuade by speaking cleverly or deceptively, esp. so as to prevent objections or clear thinking.
pep talk a vigorous talk to an individual or group, such as an athletic team, to instill enthusiasm, increase determination, and the like.
pillow talk private conversation of an intimate nature, as between a husband and wife in bed.
sales talk a discussion or persuasive presentation designed to sell a product or win support for an idea or course of action.
small talk informal or unimportant conversation; chitchat.
sweet-talk (informal) to use flattery or beguiling words in order to persuade; cajole.
table talk casual or informal mealtime conversation.
talk back to respond in a rude or impertinent manner.
talk down to belittle; underestimate.
talk down to to treat with condescension; patronize.
talk into to convince someone to do something.
talk out of to convince someone not to do something.
talk over to discuss.
talk shop to discuss one's work or profession.
talk show a radio or television program in which a host interviews or chats with celebrities or other preselected panelists and often encourages participation by listeners, viewers, or a studio audience.
talk turkey (informal) to speak straightforwardly and seriously, as about business matters.