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baby tooth one of the first set of teeth in human babies and other mammals. Baby teeth fall out early in life to be replaced by adult teeth.
egg tooth a toothlike growth on the noses or beaks of very young reptiles and birds with which they break the egg membrane or shell when hatching.
fine-tooth comb a comb with narrow teeth set close together.
go over with a fine-tooth comb to scrutinize in minute detail and with great care.
hound's-tooth check a pattern of jagged checks used esp. in material for clothing.
milk tooth any of the temporary first teeth, found in young mammals, that are eventually replaced by permanent teeth.
permanent tooth any of the thirty-two adult human teeth.
saber-toothed tiger any of various large wild cats that became extinct in the Pleistocene period, characterized by long upper canine teeth.
saw-toothed having teeth or notched edges like a saw, as various plants; serrate.
sweet tooth (informal) a liking or craving for candy, cake, or other foods with a high sugar content.
tooth fairy a make-believe creature who leaves money under children's pillows in exchange for lost teeth placed there for her.
tooth powder a powder used to brush the teeth.
toothed whale any of various whales, such as the sperm whale, that have conical teeth in either or both jaws and a foreshortened, asymmetrical skull. (Cf. whalebone whale.)
wisdom tooth the third and rearmost molar on each side of both the upper and lower jaws of humans that is the last tooth to erupt and one that sometimes causes problems, esp. when there is insufficient room for it to grow.