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big top the tent or main tent of a circus. [2 definitions]
blow one's top (informal) to lose emotional control; become angry.
on top at the highest point (of something), or on the uppermost surface (esp. of something that is tall). [3 definitions]
on top of in total control. [3 definitions]
peg top a child's top that spins on a metal tip or point.
peg-top trousers that are wide at the hip and narrow at the ankles.
pop-top denoting or having a top that can be popped open, usu. with a pull tab, as on vacuum-packed cans. [3 definitions]
roll top a flexible wooden cover of hinged parallel slats that slides up into the top of a desk when it is being used.
tank top a sleeveless top for casual wear, similar to an undershirt but having wider straps.
top boot a tall boot that reaches to just below the knee, esp. one with a top or cuff of a contrasting material or color.
top dog (informal) a person, team, group, nation, or the like that is in a dominant, authoritative, leading, or favored position, esp. among competitors.
top dollar (informal) the most money paid for a particular product, service, or the like.
top dressing a layer of material laid on a ground surface, such as manure or other fertilizer over plowed land or crops.
top hat a tall, cylindrical, black silk hat with a stiff narrow brim, worn by men on formal occasions.
top-drawer (informal) of or pertaining to the highest rank, level of importance, quality, or the like.
top-heavy having too much weight at the top to be in proper balance. [2 definitions]
top-level (informal) of, by, or involving the highest level or rank, as in a business, government, or military organization.
top-secret of or pertaining to the strictest security classification set by a national government to limit access to materials, locations, or information.
tube top an elasticized, cylindrical women's garment that covers the breasts while leaving the shoulders, and often the midriff, bare.