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balance of trade the difference in value between a country's total imports and its total exports.
commodities trade the purchase and sale of raw goods, such as agricultural products or materials derived from natural resources, that have uniform value across an economic market, as opposed to the purchase and sale of services or branded products.
fair-trade pertaining to an agreement made by a seller to pay fair wages to workers producing the seller's goods in a developing country, or to the products produced under such an agreement. [3 definitions]
free trade trade between countries that is free of import-export quotas, duties, or other governmental restrictions.
horse trade (informal) a session of bargaining in which both sides negotiate for goods, services, or the like in a shrewd and clever manner.
horse-trade (informal) to bargain or negotiate for something in a shrewd or clever manner.
restraint of trade restriction on the free flow of commercial goods, as by monopoly, price fixing, and other practices, in order to reduce competition.
slave trade buying and selling human beings as slaves.
stock in trade one or more resources, methods, or customary operations specific to a person or group. [2 definitions]
trade association an organization of businesses or businesspeople, often in the same line of business, formed to promote mutual interests.
trade book a book that is sold or distributed to general readers, as opposed to a book such as a textbook or manual.
trade deficit the amount by which a country's exports total less than its imports.
trade discount a discount on the price of an item offered by its manufacturer or wholesaler, either to a buyer in the same trade or to a retailer.
trade edition an edition of a book sold or distributed to general readers, as opposed to an edition for special audiences; trade book.
trade in to exchange an old thing for a new thing, usually paying something in addition for the new item.
trade journal a periodical written for and distributed, sometimes free of charge, to members of a particular industry or profession.
trade name the name by which a product or service is known in a trade or to the general public; brand name; trademark. [2 definitions]
trade paperback a paperback book that resembles a hard cover book in size and content and is sold in bookstores, as opposed to smaller and less expensive paperback books.
trade route any route regularly followed by traders in ships, caravans, or the like.
trade school a school, often a secondary school, in which the emphasis is on the teaching of skilled trades.