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big tree a very tall cone-bearing evergreen found in California; giant sequoia.
bo tree the sacred fig tree under which the Buddha is believed to have received enlightenment.
button tree a West Indian tree or shrub that bears hard, button-shaped fruit and yields heavy, compact wood.
Christmas tree a real or imitation evergreen tree, usu. mounted indoors and decorated with lights and ornaments at Christmas.
clothes tree an upright stand or pole fitted with an arrangement of hooks or pegs near the top on which clothing is hung.
dragon tree a tree of the agave family with sword-shaped leaves and orange fruit, one source of dragon's blood.
family tree a diagram or chart tracing the ancestors and descendants of an individual or individuals collectively; genealogical tree. [2 definitions]
flame tree any of several trees bearing vivid red flowers, esp. a bottletree with leaves resembling those of the maple.
fringe tree a small tree of the olive family, found in the southern United States, that bears drooping clusters of white flowers.
fruit tree a tree that produces edible fruit.
grass tree any of several related Australian plants having thick, woody stems and stiff, grasslike leaves, and bearing spikes of white flowers.
gum tree any tree that exudes gum, such as the eucalyptus, tupelo, or sapodilla.
hall tree a clothes tree, esp. one standing in an entrance hall.
Joshua tree a yucca tree of the southwestern United States that has swordlike leaves and bears greenish white flowers.
Judas tree a North American and Eurasian tree with purplish flowers; redbud.
marmalade tree a tropical American evergreen tree that bears a plumlike edible fruit.
palm tree any of numerous, mainly tropical, evergreen plants, usu. unbranched and having a crown of large divided leaves, or fronds.
pepper tree a South American ornamental evergreen tree bearing compound leaves and yellowish white flowers.
planer tree a small elm tree with ovate leaves and bearing a small, nutlike fruit which grows in moist areas of the southeast United States.
rice-paper tree a small Asian tree or shrub related to the ginseng, having pithy stems used in making rice paper.