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battle wagon (informal) a battleship.
chuck wagon in the western United States, a wagon or van used to carry food and utensils for feeding outdoor workers such as cowboys.
Conestoga wagon a large heavy covered wagon with broad wheels, used by early U.S. pioneers to haul their freight and household goods.
covered wagon a large wagon with a high arched canvas cover, used by American pioneers.
off the wagon (informal) no longer refraining from drinking alcohol.
on the wagon (informal) refraining from drinking alcohol.
patrol wagon a truck or van used by the police to transport prisoners.
station wagon an automobile with one or two rows of folding or removable seats behind that of the driver, and a cargo area behind the rearmost seat that can be loaded through a tailgate.
tea wagon a small wheeled table for serving tea; tea cart.
wagon train a convoy or line of wagons, used esp. in the old American West for transporting such things as military supplies or pioneers.
wagon-lit bed car (French); in European trains, a sleeping car.