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fair-weather suited only for fair weather. [2 definitions]
under the weather (informal) slightly ill or unhappy.
weather eye alertness to signs of change in the weather. [2 definitions]
weather map a chart or map showing weather conditions over a specific geographic area at a specific time.
weather station a station or installation at which weather conditions are studied and forecasts are made.
weather stripping a narrow strip of felt, wood, or the like that is tacked or taped around doors and windows to keep rain, snow, cold air, and the like from seeping in.
weather vane a vane designed to swing in the wind that indicates the direction the wind is blowing.
weather-beaten worn, damaged, or marked by exposure to the weather.
weather-bound detained or stopped by bad weather.
weather-strip to fit or furnish with weather stripping.
weather-wise skilled in predicting shifts in the weather. [2 definitions]