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air well a usu. central court that is enclosed by the exterior walls of a building and provides air and light.
artesian well a well dug through impermeable strata, reaching water that is under pressure.
as well in addition; also; too.
as well as and also; and moreover. [2 definitions]
fare-thee-well the highest or most perfect degree.
ne'er-do-well one who is lazy or irresponsible; good-for-nothing. [2 definitions]
oil well a well from which petroleum is drawn or pumped.
well-adjusted without serious emotional or psychological problems, esp. when such problems might be expected due to difficult circumstances.
well-advised acting with or showing careful consideration; wise; prudent.
well-appointed fully and suitably furnished or equipped.
well-balanced properly maintained or regulated; evenly proportioned, as a diet. [2 definitions]
well-behaved showing good manners; behaving well.
well-being the condition of being healthy, happy, and comfortable; welfare.
well-beloved greatly loved. [3 definitions]
well-born born into an aristocratic or esteemed family.
well-bred showing good upbringing; polite and considerate. [2 definitions]
well-built sturdily or soundly built or constructed. [2 definitions]
well-chosen chosen with care; suitable; appropriate.
well-content completely satisfied; pleased.
well-defined distinctly shown or delineated; portrayed or appearing clearly and unambiguously.