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anti-Western combined form of Western.
country and western country music of the U.S. (Cf. country music.)
country-western popular music that comes from the folk music of the southern or southwestern United States. It generally employs vocals and a variety of stringed instruments such as guitar and fiddle; country and western; country music. [2 definitions]
Western Church the branch of the Catholic Church recognizing the Pope and following the Latin rites; Roman Catholic Church. [2 definitions]
Western Hemisphere the half of the earth that includes North, Central, and South America.
Western omelet an omelet made with diced green peppers, onions, and ham.
Western Roman Empire one of two divisions of the Roman Empire, comprising most of Europe and part of North Africa, that existed from 395 until 476 A.D. (Cf. Eastern Roman Empire.)
Western saddle a heavy saddle, similar to that used by cowboys, that has a deep seat, a high cantle and pommel, and a horn projecting above the pommel.
Western Sahara a region of northwest Africa lying on the Atlantic coast and bordering Morocco, Algeria, and Mauritania.
Western Samoa an island country in the South Pacific, comprising several islands northeast of Fiji. (Cf. American Samoa, Samoa.)