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get wind of to receive hints or rumors of.
in the wind likely or about to happen.
second wind the return of comparative ease in breathing, following a brief period of exhaustion, that often occurs during a physically demanding activity such as running. [2 definitions]
solar wind the continuous stream of ionized particles emitted from the sun.
tail wind a wind that blows in the same direction as the course of a vessel or aircraft.
trade wind a wind or wind system in the tropics and subtropics that blows steadily toward the equator, usu. from a northeasterly direction north of the equator and southeasterly south of it.
wind chimes a cluster of small pendants of metal, glass, or the like, hung so that they strike against one another and tinkle or chime when the wind blows them.
wind cone a windsock.
wind down to decrease in intensity. [2 definitions]
wind farm an area of land containing numerous wind turbines used in the harnessing of wind energy in order to generate electricity.
wind instrument a musical instrument, such as the flute, trumpet, or clarinet, that is sounded by the force of air blown into it.
wind power energy, usu. in the form of electricity or mechanical power, produced by the wind's movement of blades on a turbine.
wind tee a large T-shaped weather vane, usu. found on or near airfields.
wind tunnel a chamber through which air is forced and in which planes, motor vehicles, and the like, or scale models of them, are tested to determine the effects of wind pressure.
wind up (informal) to bring or come to an end. [3 definitions]
wind-borne carried by the wind, as seeds.
windup the conclusion or last stages or activities of something. [3 definitions]