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bay window a windowed section protruding from the outer wall of a building, so as to form an alcove within.
bow window a bay window built in a curve outward from a building.
French window a window, usu. one of a pair, that resembles a French door, having small panes of glass and usu. extending to the floor. [2 definitions]
lancet window a tall narrow window terminating in a lancet arch.
launch window the short period of time during which a rocket must be launched if it is to arrive at a certain place at a certain time.
picture window a large window, often found in a living room, that is intended to offer a broad, framed view of the outside.
rose window a circular window, usu. with stained glass panes and a radiating, rose-shaped tracery in a symmetrical pattern around the center.
show window a store window for displaying merchandise; display window.
window box a box on or near a window ledge, for growing plants. [2 definitions]
window dressing the arrangement of merchandise in a store window so as to display it attractively, or the work of one who sets up such displays. [2 definitions]
window envelope an envelope that has a transparent panel, through which the address on the enclosure may be seen.
window seat a seat built beneath the sill of a window. [2 definitions]
window shade a shade or blind for a window, made of heavy cloth or paper and usu. mounted on a spring roller.
window sill the horizontal projecting ledge at the bottom of a window frame.
window-shop to pass time by looking at merchandise displayed in store windows, usu. without any intention to buy or to buy at that time.