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barbed wire a wire or strands of wire with barbs at regular intervals, used as a military barrier or fencing for livestock; barbwire.
chicken wire a flexible wire netting, usu. of hexagonal mesh, esp. for chicken coop enclosures and other light barriers.
Dumet wire a particular type of wire, made of a combination of iron and nickel encased in a copper sleeve, used to create vacuum seals between glass and metal in items such as incandescent light bulbs.
ground wire a wire acting as a conductor of an electric current to the ground.
high wire a cable or tightrope high above the ground, used esp. in circus performance.
hot-wire (informal) to start (an automobile or the like) by crossing or connecting the ignition wires, rather than by using a key.
live wire a wire or other electric conductor that is carrying electric current. [2 definitions]
magnetic wire a thin wire made of a ferromagnetic alloy, used to store recorded material.
wire gauge a gauge calibrated for determining the diameter of wire or thickness of sheet metal.
wire recorder a device, a forerunner of the tape recorder, that records and plays back sound on magnetized steel wire.
wire service a business that transmits news stories, photographs, features, stock market prices, and the like, by electronic means to newspapers and radio and television that subscribe for the service.
wire-haired having coarse stiff tightly crimped hair, as certain breeds of dogs.