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Now you can write notes in your dictionary and make it personal!
The Word Notes feature is the first step in the launch of the Wordsmyth Personal Dictionary.
Word Notes can be added to your personal online copy of the Wordsmyth Dictionary. Wordsmyth is the only dictionary that allows you to add a note to a dictionary entry. You can try it out here by writing a note about your "Favorite Word." You can also suggest this as a writing exercise for your friends or, if you are a teacher, for your students.
My Favorite Word: perseverence
The story: "Life may look fragile at first glance, but I persist ...." After that thought entered my mind the other day, I realized the best word wasn't "persistence" but "perseverance." I think the word "perseverance" defines who I am.... "Persistence" is similar. But persistence is just continuing with something. It doesn't imply determination or willpower. Also, "persistence" is often used in the sense of "stubbornness," so there can be a slight negative connotation. But "perseverance" indicates a strong will to continue. It captures my basic attitude toward life. (Word Note contributed by a user)
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