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abundance an amount that is more than enough; a very plentiful quantity. [2 definitions]
abundant large in amount or number; plentiful. [2 definitions]
abuse to use in an improper or incorrect manner; misuse. [7 definitions]
abusive characterized by offensive or unfair language. [4 definitions]
abut to adjoin or press against; be next to; border on. [2 definitions]
abutment an architectural component that supports an arch, vault, or the like, as of a bridge. [2 definitions]
abutter one whose land abuts another's.
abuzz filled with buzzing. [2 definitions]
abysm a vast, unmeasurable space; bottomless pit; abyss.
abysmal of vast extent; unmeasurable; extreme. [2 definitions]
abyss a vast, unmeasurable space; bottomless pit. [2 definitions]
-ac of, relating to, or resembling. [2 definitions]
AC1 abbreviation of "alternating current," electrical current that reverses direction at regular intervals. (Cf. "DC.")
Ac symbol of the chemical element actinium.
AC2 abbreviation of "athletic club," a club that provides athletic equipment and sports-related services to its members.
A/C abbreviation of "air conditioning," a system that circulates cooled and dehumidified air in a building, car, or other space.
ac- to; toward.
acacia any of several tropical trees of the mimosa family, some of which produce the commercially useful gum arabic. [2 definitions]
academe the academic environment or life.
academic of or concerning a school or university. [4 definitions]
academic freedom in educational institutions, the freedom of a teacher to teach, of a student to learn, and of both to discuss and hold opinions, esp. about social, political, and moral issues, without arbitrary interference or reprisals by school or public officials, organized groups, or the like.