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aquatic of, in, or taking place on the water. [4 definitions]
aquatint a type of etching that achieves the soft sweeping tones of a wash drawing or watercolor by careful control of the length of time acid is left on any given area of the etching plate.
aquavit a strong, colorless Scandinavian liquor flavored with caraway seeds.
aqua vitae alcohol. [2 definitions]
aqueduct a channel built to convey water from a long distance. [2 definitions]
aqueous of, relating to, or similar to water. [3 definitions]
aqueous humor a clear, watery liquid that fills the chambers between the cornea and the lens of the eye.
aquiculture the growing of plants, often for their edible fruits, in nutrient water or water-soaked inert material rather than in soil; hydroponics. [2 definitions]
aquifer a bed of rock, sand, or gravel that can hold great quantities of water and supplies it to wells and springs.
Aquila a summer constellation in the northern sky, located between Lyra and Capricornus and the bright star Altair; Eagle.
aquiline of or resembling an eagle. [2 definitions]
-ar1 of or pertaining to. [2 definitions]
-ar2 one that acts as an agent or performs.
Ar symbol of the chemical element argon.
AR abbreviation of "Arkansas," a south central U.S. state between Mississippi and Oklahoma.
Arab a member of the Semitic people that originated in Arabia and now forms the dominant population in that and other Middle Eastern countries. [4 definitions]
arabesque a complex design of interlaced scrolls, foliage, and other fanciful shapes, or an ornamental object having such a design. [4 definitions]
Arabia a Southwest Asian peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.
Arabian of, pertaining to, originating in, or characteristic of Arabia or its desert climate. [4 definitions]
Arabian camel the single-humped camel native to the area from North Africa to India; dromedary. (Cf. Bactrian camel.)
Arabian Desert a very arid region occupying a large portion of the Arabian Peninsula and stretching into Jordan and Iraq.