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bay rum a fragrant liquid made from bay leaves and rum or bay leaf oil mixed with alcohol and water, used esp. in toiletries.
bay window a windowed section protruding from the outer wall of a building, so as to form an alcove within.
bazaar a street market or market area lined with vendors, esp. in the Middle East. [3 definitions]
bazooka a shoulder-held, cylindrical rocket-launcher that fires an armor-penetrating shell.
BB a small shot of .18 inch diameter, used in an air rifle or air pistol.
BBC abbreviation of "British Broadcasting Corporation."
BB gun an air gun that shoots BB shot.
bbl. abbreviation of "barrel," or "barrels," a unit of capacity, varying from thirty-one to forty-two gallons in the United States.
BBQ abbreviation of "barbeque," a party, often held outdoors, at which meat and sometimes vegetables are roasted on a grill or spit over an open fire.
B.C.1 abbreviation of "before Christ" (used in designating dates in history, now usually replaced by "BCE," "before the common era").
B.C.2 abbreviation of "British Columbia," a Canadian province on the Pacific coast.
B.C.E. abbreviation of "before the common era" (used in designating dates in history).
B cell a type of white blood cell, produced in the bone marrow, that makes antibodies that fight off disease.
bd. ft. abbreviation of "board foot," or "board feet," a unit of measure for lumber, equal to one foot square and one inch thick.
Be symbol of the chemical element beryllium.
be to remain in a state of existence; have reality; exist. [10 definitions]
be- to cause to be; treat as; make (used to change nouns, adjectives, and intransitive verbs into transitive verbs). [3 definitions]
beach the land at the edge of a body of water, usu. sandy and sometimes part of a swimming area; shore. [2 definitions]
beach ball a large inflatable ball of brightly colored plastic, usu. used for games played in or near the water.
beachcomber a person who lives by finding and selling miscellaneous items that wash ashore or are discarded there. [2 definitions]
beachfront a strip of land bordering on a beach. [2 definitions]