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gam a school or group of whales.
gama grass any of several tall, reedlike perennial American grasses used for animal feed.
Gambia River a river that rises in North Guinea in western Africa and flows westward through Senegal and The Gambia to the Atlantic Ocean.
gambier an astringent extract obtained from various southern Asian vines, used in tanning and dyeing.
gambit a tactic or maneuver designed to gain an advantage, esp. one that involves some sacrifice on one's part. [3 definitions]
gamble to bet money or other stakes on the outcome of a game, race, or any other game of chance or skill. [6 definitions]
gamboge a brownish gum resin obtained from certain trees of southern Asia, yielding a yellow pigment that is also used as a cathartic. [2 definitions]
gambol to run, leap, or skip about; frisk; frolic. [2 definitions]
gambrel a horse's hock. [2 definitions]
gambrel roof a gable roof with two slopes on each side, the upper flat and the lower steep.
game something done for amusement; diversion; pastime. [9 definitions]
Game Boy a brand name for any of several handheld game consoles manufactured by Nintendo beginning in 1989.
gamecock a rooster trained and often bred for fighting.
gamefish any fish that is commonly caught for sport.
gamekeeper a person employed to breed and protect game birds and other wildlife on private grounds or on a game preserve.
game law a law regulating hunting and fishing, enacted to preserve game.
game plan a strategy or course of action planned before a game of sport, esp. football. [2 definitions]
game point the stage in a game, esp. in a racket sport, when the next point scored will be the last and deciding one. [2 definitions]
game show a television show in which participants play various games of chance, skill, or memory in order to win prizes.
gamesmanship the art or act of using questionable, though legal, tactics to win at games or contests.
gamesome having or showing a desire to play; frisky; frolicsome.