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general officer any military officer who ranks above colonel.
general of the army the highest ranking officer in the U.S. Army during World War II. (Cf. fleet admiral.)
general practitioner a practicing physician who does not specialize in any specific field of medicine but treats a variety of medical problems.
general-purpose having many uses; useful in a general way.
generalship skill in leading a large military force, esp. in wartime. [2 definitions]
general staff a group of officers who assist a high commander in planning and supervising military operations.
general store a small retail store that sells a wide range of merchandise but is not divided into departments.
general strike a strike by the entire labor force of an industry, country, or the like.
generate to cause to be brought into being. [2 definitions]
generation the entire body of people who were born at roughly the same time. [5 definitions]
generation gap the lack of understanding or alienation that exist between members of one generation and the next as a result of differing attitudes, experiences, values, and fashions, as well as the difference in age.
Generation X the generation following the post-WWII baby boom, esp. those born in the U.S. and Canada in the 1960s and 1970s.
generative of or pertaining to the production of offspring; procreative. [2 definitions]
generative grammar a grammar system in which a limited, fixed set of rules can generate or describe an infinitely large variety of sentences in a language.
generator someone or something that generates. [3 definitions]
generatrix a point, line, or plane that generates a geometric figure when set in motion, such as a line that generates a plane.
generic of, concerning, or applying to all elements of a particular class. [4 definitions]
generosity willing readiness to give. [3 definitions]
generous willing to give or share, or giving more than necessary; unselfish. [4 definitions]
-genesis production; origin.
genesis the beginning or origin of something. [2 definitions]