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gold plate tableware or containers made of or plated with gold. [2 definitions]
gold-plate to cover with a layer of gold or electroplate with gold.
gold rush a sudden, hasty rush of people to an area where gold has been recently discovered.
goldsmith one who makes or sells objects of gold.
gold standard a monetary system in which a set amount of gold is established as the measure of the value of the currency.
gold star a small golden star displayed as a sign that someone in one's family or organization has been killed in war. [2 definitions]
golem in Jewish folklore, a man-made and humanlike figure brought to life by supernatural, occult forces.
golf a game in which a small white ball is hit with various special clubs into each of a series of holes, usu. nine or eighteen, spaced far apart over an outdoor course, the object being to do so with as few strokes as possible. [2 definitions]
golf cart a small, motorized vehicle designed for transportation on a golf course.
golf club in golf, any of a set of long slender clubs with wooden or metal heads for hitting the ball. [2 definitions]
golf course a large area of land laid out with fairways, greens, hazards, and the like on which golf is played.
Golgi apparatus Golgi body.
Golgi body an organelle consisting of a series of flattened saccules, vesicles, and vacuoles that is active in the modification and transport of proteins.
Golgotha according to the New Testament, the site on which Jesus Christ was crucified; Calvary. [2 definitions]
goliard one of the wandering students of the late Middle Ages who composed satirical Latin verses and songs; jester.
Goliath according to the Old Testament, the giant warrior, sent forth by the Philistine army, who was slain by David with a slingshot.
golly used as an exclamation of mild surprise, wonder, puzzlement, or the like.
golosh variant of galosh.
Gomorrah according to the Old Testament, an ancient city of Canaan in the time of Abraham that was destroyed by God because of the wickedness of its inhabitants.
-gon a geometric figure that has (such or so many) angles.
gonad a sex gland that produces sperm or eggs; testis or ovary.