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iconoclastic attacking or breaking away from established traditions, beliefs, or values.
iconography the representation of meanings, esp. conventional ones, by visual symbols or images. [3 definitions]
iconology in art history, the study or interpretation of symbols or icons. [2 definitions]
icosahedral of or having the form of an icosahedron.
icosahedron a solid geometric figure with twenty flat sides of equal area.
-ics the science, study, skill, or art of (such) a subject or activity. [3 definitions]
ictus a metrical or rhythmical stress, as in poetry. [2 definitions]
icy made of, covered with, containing, or resembling ice. [3 definitions]
-id1 belonging to a particular group or zoological family.
-id2 variant of -ide.
-id3 used in adjectives, esp. those describing conditions that affect the senses.
ID1 abbreviation of "Idaho," a northwestern U.S. state south and west of Montana.
ID2 abbreviation of "identification," often used as a shortened form of "identification card."
I'd contracted form of "I would," or contracted form of "I had."
id in Freudian psychoanalysis, the part of the psyche that is associated with instinct and primal drives, and that is subject to moderation by the ego and superego.
id. abbreviation of "idem" (Latin); the same.
-idae used in the scientific names of zoological families.
Idaho a northwestern U.S. state south and west of Montana. (abbr.: ID)
-ide used in the names of binary chemical compounds and chemical compounds related to or derived from other compounds.
idea anything existing in the mind as a product of mental activity or awareness, such as a conception or image. [6 definitions]
ideal an idea of something in its perfect form or essence. [6 definitions]