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immemorial reaching back in time beyond memory or record.
immense extremely large or vast. [3 definitions]
immensely in a great degree; very; extremely.
immensity great distance or extent. [3 definitions]
immerse to put deeply into or cover with liquid; submerge. [3 definitions]
immersion an act or instance of immersing or being immersed, or the condition of being immersed. [2 definitions]
immersion heater an electric coil or rod used to heat liquid while immersed in it.
immersive making or capable of making one feel deeply involved or engaged; deeply absorbing of one's attention.
immigrant one who moves permanently to another country from his or her native land. (See "migrant.") [2 definitions]
immigrate to take up permanent residence in a place or country to which one is not native. [2 definitions]
immigration the act or process of immigrating. [2 definitions]
Immigration Act of 1917 an exclusionary law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1917 that barred certain classes of people such as "idiots," "alcoholics," "epileptics," and "illiterates" from immigrating to the U.S. and also barred all immigrants coming from the so-called "Asiatic Barred Zone," which included much of Asia; also referred to as the Asiatic Barred Zone Act.
imminence the state or condition of being imminent.
imminent about to happen or likely to happen very soon.
immiscible not able to be mixed or blended.
immobile not capable of being physically moved. [2 definitions]
immobility the state or condition of being incapable of being moved. [2 definitions]
immobilize to make incapable of motion or action. [2 definitions]
immoderate beyond reasonable or appropriate limits; excessive.
immodest not decent in appearance or behavior; shameless. [2 definitions]
immolate to kill or offer as a sacrifice, esp. by burning.