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life preserver a buoyant device for keeping a person afloat and preventing drowning, usu. made in the shape of a ring, belt, or jacket.
life raft a small, usu. inflatable raft for use by people forced to abandon a boat or ship.
lifesaver a person or animal that saves another from death, esp. from drowning. [2 definitions]
life-size having the size of an original object.
life span the length of time that an individual of any species lives or can be expected to live.
lifestyle the general mode of living of a person or group, including attitudes, occupational and class characteristics, financial priorities, possessions, and the like.
life-support of or pertaining to equipment or procedures that can sustain life, either when a bodily system fails or when a living body is in a hostile environment, such as space.
life-support system a system of equipment, esp. in a hospital, that keeps a person alive when he or she might otherwise die. [2 definitions]
life-threatening having the potential to kill, as an injury or disease.
lifetime the time during which a person's life continues. [3 definitions]
lifework all the work, or the most important work, of one's life.
Liffey a river in eastern Ireland that flows through Dublin.
lift to move (something) upward; raise. [12 definitions]
liftable combined form of lift.
lift a finger to make an attempt to work or help.
liftoff the moment of launching a missile or rocket, or the motion itself.
ligament a band of fibrous tissue that connects bones or supports muscles or organs.
ligand in biochemistry, a molecule that binds to a target biomolecule, usually a protein. [2 definitions]
ligate to tie up or bind (a bleeding artery) with a ligature.
ligature a band or tie used to connect, esp. a surgical stitch. [4 definitions]
light1 electromagnetic radiation, esp. from the sun, that enables one to see objects. [13 definitions]