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MIA abbreviation of "missing in action."
Mia Hamm U.S. professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist, who at the age of 19 became the youngest woman to win a World Cup championship; born Mariel Margaret Hamm (b.1972).
miaow variant of meow.
miasma a thick, obscuring vapor. [3 definitions]
mica any of a group of silicated minerals occurring as crystalline structures that separate into thin, often transparent, chips or sheets, used as electrical insulation and as a substitute for glass at high temperatures; isinglas.
Micah according to the Old Testament, a minor prophet of Israel of the ninth century. [2 definitions]
mice pl. of mouse.
Michaelmas September 29, a festival celebrated in honor of the archangel Michael.
Michelangelo an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, and poet; Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564).
Michigan a north central U.S. state bordered by four of the Great Lakes. (abbr.: MI) [2 definitions]
mick (offensive slang) an Irish person.
Mickey Mouse1 animated mouse character created in 1928 by U.S. cartoonist, Walt Disney. [3 definitions]
Mickey Mouse2 an animated animal character created in the 1920s and known worldwide.
Micmac a member of an American Indian people of Canada's Maritime Provinces. [2 definitions]
micra a plural form of micron.
micro- very small; minute. [3 definitions]
microbe any microscopic life form, esp. considered as a cause of infection or disease.
microbiology the branch of biology dealing with viruses and one-celled organisms such as bacteria and protozoans.
microbus a small buslike van or station wagon.
microcephalic having an abnormally small skull and braincase.
microcephaly the condition of having an abnormally small skull and braincase.