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monstrosity something or someone that is monstrous. [2 definitions]
monstrous frighteningly hideous; frightfully ugly. [3 definitions]
mons veneris the raised mound of flesh below the abdomen of the adult female, covered by pubic hair.
montage the technique of juxtaposing or superimposing images in a photograph or on motion picture film. [3 definitions]
Montagnard a member of a people of mixed ethnic origins inhabiting the highlands of central Vietnam.
Montana a northwestern U.S. state on the Canadian border between North Dakota and Idaho. (abbr.: MT)
montane designating the biogeographic zone in mountain regions that is below timberline and is moist and cool.
monte a card game played with a deck of forty cards in which a player selects two of four cards and bets that one will be matched by the dealer before the other.
Montenegro a Balkan republic bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.
Monterey Jack a mild, soft, pale yellow cheese.
montero a rounded Spanish cap with side flaps, worn by hunters.
Montessori of or pertaining to the philosophy of child-rearing and education developed by Maria Montessori. (See Montessori, Maria.)
Montessori method a system for teaching young children that encourages self-motivated education, the training of the senses, and early development of reading and writing skills.
Montevideo the seaport capital of Uruguay.
Montezuma II the last emperor of the Aztec civilization, who reigned from 1502-1550 (b.1466?--d.1520).
Montgomery the capital of Alabama.
month one of the twelve divisions of the year as specified in the Gregorian calendar, such as January or October. [3 definitions]
monthly relating to a month. [5 definitions]
Montpelier the capital of Vermont.
Montrachet a white wine from the Burgundy area of France.
monument something made or erected in commemoration of an event, achievement, or person. [3 definitions]