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next door in, at, or to the neighboring building, house, door, or the like.
next-door in or at the neighboring building, house, door, or the like.
next door to in the house closest to.
next of kin the nearest relative or relatives of an individual. [2 definitions]
next to adjacent to or on one side of. [3 definitions]
nexus a connection or link between individuals of a series or group. [2 definitions]
Nez Percé a member of a tribe of North American Indians who formerly inhabited the northwestern part of the United States. [2 definitions]
NGO abbreviation of "nongovernmental organization."
ngultrum the chief monetary unit of Bhutan, equaling one hundred chetrums.
ngwee the smaller monetary unit of Zambia. (Cf. kwacha.)
NH abbreviation of "New Hampshire," a New England state between Vermont and Maine.
NHS abbreviation of "National Health Service," the British health service, largely financed by taxation, that provides free or inexpensive medical treatment for patients.
Ni symbol of the chemical element nickel.
niacin a compound found in many foods, esp. meat, milk, and legumes, considered part of the vitamin B complex.
Niagara Falls waterfalls on the Niagara River located on the border between the United States and Canada. The falls are divided into two principal sections by an island in the river. The two major sets of falls are the Horseshoe Falls, on the Canadian side, and the American Falls, on the U.S. side. The impressive waterfalls are an attraction for sightseers. [2 definitions]
Niamey the capital of Niger.
nib the point of a pen. [2 definitions]
nibble to take small bites of a food with one's teeth. [8 definitions]
Nibelung in Germanic mythology, any of the dwarfs who had a magic ring and gold, which were taken from them by Siegfried. [2 definitions]
Nicaragua a Central American country between Honduras and Costa Rica.
Niccolò Machiavelli an Italian statesman and author, whose most well-known work is associated with the philosophy that "the ends justify the means" (b.1469--d.1527).