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Orwellian of, concerning, or resembling George Orwell, his work, or esp. the totalitarian regime portrayed in his novel 1984.
-ory having the function of; pertaining to; characterized by; causing. [2 definitions]
oryx any of various large antelopes of Africa and southwestern Asia that have long, straight horns and grayish coats with black markings.
orzo pasta resembling grains of rice.
Os symbol of the chemical element osmium.
os1 a bone.
os2 a mouth; opening; aperture.
Osage orange a small thorny tree of the mulberry family, native to the midwestern United States, that is often used in hedgerows. [2 definitions]
Osaka a large port city in southern Honshu, Japan.
Oscar see "Academy Award." [2 definitions]
Óscar Romero El Salvadoran Roman Catholic priest who was assassinated in retaliation for his social and political activity; born Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (b.1917--d.1980).
oscillate to swing steadily and repeatedly back and forth. [4 definitions]
oscillation the action or fact of oscillating. [2 definitions]
oscillograph an oscilloscope that records the wave forms representing changes in currents, voltages, or other electrical quantities.
oscilloscope an instrument for depicting variations in an electrical quantity as a wave or trace on a viewing screen.
oscine of or relating to a large group of passerine birds with highly developed vocal cords. [2 definitions]
osculant of an organism, sharing the characteristics of two closely related taxonomic groups.
oscular of or relating to the mouth or to kissing. [2 definitions]
osculate to be tangent; touch. [2 definitions]
osculum any of the small openings of a sponge through which water is expelled.
-ose1 having the characteristics of; resembling or abounding in.