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pelagic of, concerning, or living on the open sea, far from land, esp. on or near the surface.
pelargonium a plant of the geranium family having circular, sometimes aromatic leaves, and bearing variously colored flowers.
pelf money or wealth, usu. regarded with disapproval or contempt.
pelican any of several large water birds of warm climates that have a long bill with a distendable pouch in the lower half, for catching and holding fish.
pelisse an outer garment, such as a cape, that is lined or trimmed with fur. [2 definitions]
pellagra a disease caused by too little niacin in the diet, resulting in skin rash, nerve disorders, and diarrhea.
pellet a small bullet or shot. [4 definitions]
pelletize to treat (pulverized ore or coal) with additives, roll into aggregates, and harden by baking into pellets.
pell-mell in a hasty, disordered, jumbled manner. [2 definitions]
pellucid allowing maximum light to pass through; transparent. [2 definitions]
Peloponnese a large and historically significant peninsula in southern Greece; Peloponnesus.
Peloponnesus a large and historically significant peninsula in southern Greece; Peloponnese.
pelota a court game in which the players hit a ball against a wall using a long basket tied to a wrist. [2 definitions]
pelt1 to attack by hurling missiles or by repeated blows. [6 definitions]
pelt2 the skin or hide of an animal, usu. fur-bearing.
peltate having the leaf stalk attached near the center of the surface of a leaf instead of at the margin.
peltry pelts or undressed furs collectively.
pelvic of or relating to the pelvis.
pelvic arch see "pelvic girdle."
pelvic girdle in a vertebrate, the skeletal structure of bone, cartilage, or both to which the hind legs, fins, or the like are attached; pelvic arch.
pelvis in many vertebrates, the basinlike structure formed by the hipbones and other bones that form a ring near the base of the spinal column. [2 definitions]