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saddle horse a horse bred, trained, and used for riding. [2 definitions]
saddleless combined form of saddle.
saddler one who makes, sells, or repairs saddles and other equipment for horses.
saddle roof a roof with a gable at either end of the ridge.
saddlery saddles, harnesses, and other equipment for horses. [2 definitions]
saddle seat a chair seat that is slightly concave and has a lengthwise central ridge.
saddle shoe an oxford shoe, usu. white, with a band of contrasting leather, usu. brown, across the instep.
saddle soap a soap, usu. containing neat's-foot oil, used to clean and soften leather.
saddle sore an irritation or sore on a horse or rider caused by the friction of a saddle.
saddletree a saddle's frame.
Sadducee a member of an ancient Palestinian sect that formed political alliances with the Roman rulers, interpreted scripture literally, and rejected oral law and the belief in a Messiah.
Sadhana (Sanskrit) in Hinduism, a dedicated effort to achieve a goal or reach a desired outcome, esp. pertaining to spiritual development.
sadhe the name of the eighteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
sadhu a Hindu holy man, esp. an ascetic or monk.
sadiron a heavy flatiron with points at either end and a removable handle.
sadism a psychiatric disorder in which sexual pleasure is derived from inflicting pain or humiliation, or from watching suffering. [2 definitions]
sadly in a manner that exhibits or expresses sadness. [2 definitions]
sadness the state, condition, or quality of being sad, unhappy, or regretful.
sadomasochism the deriving of pleasure, esp. of sexual gratification, from either inflicting pain or suffering pain, or both.
sad sack (informal) a hopelessly inept, hapless person.
safari an expedition for observing or hunting large animals, esp. in Africa. [2 definitions]