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samba a Brazilian ballroom dance, or music for this dance. [2 definitions]
sambar a large, reddish brown Asian deer with an erectile mane and three-pointed antlers.
Sam Browne belt a waist belt with a diagonal strap over the right shoulder, worn as part of a military or police uniform, esp. as support for a pistol.
same being one identical thing or person and not a new or different thing or person. [4 definitions]
samekh the name of the fifteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
sameness the quality or condition of being the same; uniformity. [2 definitions]
samite a heavy silk cloth, sometimes interwoven with gold or silver, worn in the Middle Ages.
samizdat the underground publishing and propagation of manuscripts that were denied, or not submitted for, official sanction by the government of the former Soviet Union. [2 definitions]
Samoa an island group in the South Pacific, divided into Samoa (formerly Western Samoa) and American Samoa. [2 definitions]
Samoan of or pertaining to Samoa or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
Samoa Standard Time the standard time used in the time zone of the Pacific that includes Samoa, eleven hours behind Greenwich time.
Samos a Greek island in the North Aegean Sea, which, in Greek mythology, was part of the kingdom of Odysseus.
samosa an East Indian turnover consisting of curried vegetables, usu. potatoes and peas, wrapped in a thin dough and fried in oil.
samovar a metal urn with an internal heating device and a spigot used esp. in Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union to heat water for tea.
Samoyed a member of a people inhabiting northwestern Siberia and the northeastern European coast of Russia. [3 definitions]
samp coarsely ground Indian corn or a porridge made of it.
sampan a small boat of the Far East, usu. flat-bottomed and propelled by one or two oars.
samphire a succulent herb that bears small clusters of yellowish flowers, growing mostly on rocky sea coasts. [2 definitions]
sample a representative part or fragment of a larger whole. [4 definitions]
sampler a piece of cloth embroidered with a design or saying, often as a display of skill in needlework. [3 definitions]
sampling the act or process of selecting a small representative set of things or persons from which an analysis of a whole group can be made; selection of a sample. [2 definitions]