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shrine a place or object, such as an altar or tomb, considered sacred and devoted to some holy person or deity. [3 definitions]
shrink to contract or decrease in size, as from moisture, heat, or cold. [7 definitions]
shrinkable combined form of shrink.
shrinkage an act or instance or the process of shrinking. [2 definitions]
shrinking violet a very shy, retiring, or modest person.
shrink-wrap to cover (a product) in a clear plastic film that shrinks upon exposure to heat and forms an airtight seal. [2 definitions]
shrive of a priest, to hear the confession of, assign penance to, or give absolution to (someone).
shrivel to contract or reduce in size, as by drying out. [2 definitions]
shroud a wrap for a corpse; winding sheet. [6 definitions]
shrove a past tense of shrive.
Shrovetide the three days preceding Ash Wednesday.
Shrove Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, when pancakes are traditionally eaten in the UK.
shrub a perennial plant, ranging in height from very low to the size of a small tree, and having woody stems that branch from close to the ground; bush.
shrubbery a group, a planting, or an expanse of shrubs. [2 definitions]
shrubby consisting of or covered with shrubs. [2 definitions]
shrug to raise and draw (the shoulders) inward to indicate one's lack of power over a situation, or one's lack of responsibility, concern, knowledge, or the like. [4 definitions]
shrug off to ignore or minimize. [3 definitions]
shrunk a past tense and past participle of shrink.
shrunken a past participle of shrink.
shtetl formerly, any of the small Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, esp. Russia.
shuck the protective outer covering of any of various vegetables, fruits, or shellfish; husk, pod, or shell. [3 definitions]