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sternutation the act of sneezing.
sternward to or toward the stern; astern.
sternway backward movement of a vessel.
stern-wheeler a steamboat propelled by a paddle wheel at the stern.
steroid any of a large group of organic compounds, esp. biologically active members of this group such as the estrogens and testosterone. (See anabolic steroid.) [3 definitions]
sterol one of a group of solid alcohols that is stored in fatty tissue, such as cholesterol.
stertorous characterized by heavy breathing or snoring.
stet an editorial direction to retain material previously canceled. [2 definitions]
stethoscope an instrument used to amplify sounds made by internal organs such as the heart, and convey them to an examiner's ear.
Stetson trademark for several styles of hat usu. made of felt and esp. in the western style of a high crown and wide brim.
stevedore a person employed to load or unload a ship's cargo. [3 definitions]
Steven Spielberg U.S. filmmaker (b.1946).
stew to cook by boiling slowly or simmering, usu. in a closed pot or other lidded vessel. [6 definitions]
steward one who manages or supervises money or property belonging to another or others; agent. [5 definitions]
stewardess a female attendant on a plane, ship, or train.
stewed cooked by simmering or boiling slowly.
stew in one's own juice to suffer the consequences of one's own actions.
stewpan a pan in which to stew food.
St. George's the capital of Grenada.
sthenic of a sturdy and muscular build.
stich a single line or verse, esp. of poetry.