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take time to require a substantial amount of time to do something or for something to happen. [2 definitions]
take to heart to regard seriously or with concern.
take to task to reprimand; rebuke; censure.
take turns to operate in way that lets two or more people or groups alternate with each other in performing a certain action. One has a turn, then the next has a turn, and so on.
take up to fill or use (space or time), sometimes in a way that is considered wasteful. [5 definitions]
take up the gauntlet to agree to a challenge, esp. to a fight.
take up with (someone) to pursue a relationship with (someone), esp. a relationship that is disapproved of.
take vows to formally enter a religious order.
taking the act of one that takes, or the condition of being taken. [4 definitions]
tala the chief monetary unit of Western Samoa, equaling one hundred sene.
Talavera a type of Mexican pottery introduced from Talavera de la Reina, Spain in the sixteenth century, distinguished by its ornate decoration with richly colored glazes.
Talavera de la Reina city located on the Tagus River in the province of Toledo, Spain, in Castile-La Mancha, known for its ceramics industry.
talc a soft mineral with a greasy feel used in making talcum powder and in various industrial products. [3 definitions]
talcum powder a soft, fine-grained powder made of refined talc, usu. scented and used on the body.
tale an account of the details of a real or fictional occurrence; story. [3 definitions]
talebearer one who spreads harmful rumors or stories; gossip.
talent a natural ability or aptitude. [4 definitions]
talented possessing a natural aptitude or gift for something.
talentless combined form of talent.
talent scout a person who searches for and recruits persons of superior ability or talent in a certain field, such as acting, sports, or business.
taler any of several coins in circulation in German states from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries.